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Hello world!

March 16, 2010

Hello world!  Here I am, the grumpy old woman.  Today’s grump is about the Selfcare White paper.

The pull-back of the NHS to being a “cradle and grave” ONLY service begins here.  It’s pretty much over, we’ll all have to make other plans.  But that is too obvious and boring so lets move on.

I do have questions,.

  • Why are GPs issuing 50 million unnecessary prescriptions to people who are wasting their time every year?  Is it to get rid of “heartsink” patients?

  • Is this the end of the NHS as we know it?

And now for the rant:

You have no conception of the things people want to see their GP for. Of course, the mental health service is sadly lacking and this may have something to do with where GPs’ time goes. Anyway, just what are GPs there for? They’re paid to see patients! [Though sometimes to speak to them, you’d wonder!]

I have some experience, professionally, of the out of hours GP service and people have been known to demand an instant GP visit because they’ve been constipated for two weeks, or their big toe has been sore for 24 hours.  WHY CAN’T THEY WAIT TILL MONDAY, OR THE NEXT MORNING and see their own GPs?  No, they don’t know their recurrent chest pain is just indigestion, and the media’s scare stories don’t help them believe that, even when reassured by their GP.

Fragmented families don’t help, with kids having babies a long way from their parents, who used to be the ones to dole out the common sense home remedies on demand.

We have spawned a nation of people, devoid of any vestige of common sense, expecting everything to be done for them on demand, immediately, and I, for one, think it has gone too far.

An old District Medical Officer friend of mine said, “there’s not much an intelligent member of the public can’t treat by themselves with a prescription pad and a British National Formulary”.